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5 Reasons Why LAT Relationships Seem So Attractive

Written by: Akua Hinds

July 19, 2019

5 Reasons Why LAT Relationships Seem So Attractive.  Written by: Akua Hinds


Ever since I learned about Living Apart Together (LAT) relationships years ago, I have been fascinated by the concept of them.  Imagine the bliss...having a loving and caring mate who is just as committed to you as you are to them, and you enjoy each other’s company whenever you decide to meet up and hang out.  There is no tension about whose turn it is to wash the dishes.  No more monotony about having the same old routine day in and day out with your partner.  Instead, you look forward to being together because you regularly give each other individual space and time. 

1.      No Need to Compromise Important Life Moments. Like you, I take my alone time super seriously, and I consider my alone time to be important and necessary.  While I do enjoy spending time with friends and family members.  I truly treasure those moments when I spend quality time with myself watching a movie, painting my nails, and even folding my laundry.  Being in a relationship where we live together would feel like there is more pressure to abandon my personal quality time, and call me selfish, but I don’t always like sacrificing and compromising.  I think an LAT relationship would be super fun and fit just beautifully into my life. 

2.      Enjoying a Big and Beautiful Bed Solo. Oh...yes!  Having an entire bed to yourself.  No need to fight over the covers and no need to deal with snoring or unintentional foot kicks when you have some nights to yourself.  Naturally you can spend the night at each other’s houses when and if you want to.  But if you would rather spend a night solo in your own bed, waking up and doing whenever and whatever you want to do in the mornings, you can do so without any drama.

3.      You Treasure Each Other More.  When you and your partner give each other space to live apart together, the two of you will treasure the moments that you spend together so much more.  You will constantly feel like you’re dating each other and will feel less inclined to take each other for granted.  The excitement of seeing each other for dates will keep your relationship feeling fresh and fun.

4.      Pressure Free Relationships Feel Better.  Couples in LAT relationships are together because they want to be together.  They are not staying together for financial reasons; they are with each other because they have sincere love and devotion for each other.  Too many couples stay in relationships that they should have ended a long time ago and they do it because they do not want the hassle of changing their financial situations by relocating their residences.  People in LAT relationships do not have that worry. If the relationship ends, there is no stress over who is going to live where. 

5.      Personal Lifestyle Habits Don’t Need To Change.  Some people are really good friends and lovers, but they aren’t the best roommates.  I have never been interested in living with pets, and I never will be interested in doing that.  I found out from an allergist last year that I’m allergic to cats, which obviously rules out me ever living with a feline creature.  And, I’ve never been partial to dogs.  If I were to fall in love with a man who insisted that he could never part with his pets, being in an LAT relationship with him would be an ideal situation as far I’m concerned.  LAT relationships can be the best of both worlds if you choose to approach it that way.  Treat LAT relationships as “normal” because they really are normal and perfectly fine.  Not everyone will embrace an LAT relationship, but if this type of relationship suits you and your partner, then it is definitely worth a try!


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