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Breakup tips on How to Break Up and How to Recover.

Written by: Akua Hinds

May 29, 2019

Breakup Tips on How to Breakup and Recover.  Written by: Akua Hinds


Saying goodbye to someone who had been part of your life can be very difficult.  Even if you had shared more negative moments than positive with your ex, letting go of him for good can still feel painful and all too final.  Because each relationship is unique, each breakup should be handled in a special way.  After all, you will be finishing a very important chapter of your story, and it needs to be finished in a way that will give you the peace and closure that you need.  Here are some tips on how to break up and how to recover:

1.      Revel in the Good Moments You Two Shared.  Some of your times with your ex were good times, and it might make you feel better to remember the positive moments that the two of you shared.  Give yourself a set time period for thinking about those good moments.  Focus on times when the two of you were in agreement about something, or, a time when the two of you connected better than you ever had before.  This relationship might not have lasted forever, but you learned some lessons from it that you will carry with you throughout your life forever. 

2.      Have a Good Cry.  You need to give yourself a day or a moment to properly mourn the loss of something that was so important to you.  It is better to have your emotional moment in a private area such as your bedroom or your bathroom.  During moments like this, it is best to put your camera away.  There is no need to document your tears and sobs on social media.  When you are truly ready to release someone from your life, you will feel more satisfaction in releasing that connection quietly.  That is how you know that you are over someone; you no longer have the need to put your feelings on display for them.   

3.      Tackle the Things You Need to Do.  Have you been delaying getting your hair cut, cleaning your house, and tackling a task that you know you need to do?  Being in a relationship can be so time consuming, and breaking up can be just as time consuming.  When your thoughts are focused more on what you lost instead of what you gained, you lose out on so much.  It is important that you understand that whenever you lose something, you gain something through that loss at the same time.  You lost your relationship, but you gained new perspectives.  You now know what you want moving forward, and you have full freedom to focus on your new relationship goals. 

4.      Make a Vision Board.  Creating your dream life literally from your own hands is such a wonderful feeling, and it all starts with creating intention.  A vision board is a tool that you use to create the kind of life that you want for yourself.  As you post the pictures and written statements that hold meaning for you on your vision board, you will find yourself feeling hopeful about the new relationship that you will be getting involved in when you are ready.  Allow those feelings of hope to motivate you towards focusing on the next phase of your life with the person who his going to help you build a newer and better relationship than the one you were in before. 

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