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Lessons Learned from Visiting the Museum of Broken Relationships

Written by: Akua Hinds

September 4, 2019

Lessons Learned From the Museum of Broken Relationships. Written by: Akua Hinds



How many hearts have been broken since the beginning of time?  I think that would be impossible for any human being to know.  But now, anyone who has experienced a relationship loss or heartbreak can document their experiences for millions of people to see and maybe even compare to their own losses.  The Museum of Broken Relationships was founded in Europe by two former flames who are now business partners and friends.  The museum holds exhibits worldwide, and I and some of my friends were fortunate enough to see the impressive museum two days ago in Toronto during the Labour Day holiday.  Boy, did I learn a lot from the museum!  Here is what I want to share with you:

Each Relationship Leaves an Impression

Some of our relationships are much more short-lived than others.  It can be easy to convince ourselves that the relationships that did not work out do not matter.  But they do matter, and they matter a lot.  Each experience helps to prepare us for the next experience.  There is no need to trivialize a past relationship’s impact on your life.  Instead of trying to dismiss it, treat your past relationship as a stepping stone to your next relationship milestone.

Lessons Learned From the Museum of Broken Relationships.  Written by: Akua Hinds

Always Acknowledge the Red Flags

There are always things that we notice in the people who we are connected to.  We may want to ignore the red flags that are showing us that the person who we are trying to connect with may not be a compatible match, but we need to pay attention.  One of my favourite exhibits at the Museum of Broken Relationships was a toy motorcycle donated by a man whose then-girlfriend gave it to him while he was in a hospital recuperating from a motorcycle accident.  The man’s girlfriend was never in agreement with his decision to ride motorcycles but the relationship breakup gift of the toy motorcycle was a huge sign that the relationship was beyond repair.  See, the girlfriend broke up with her boyfriend BECAUSE of the motorcycle accident; in her eyes, the accident was proof that her boyfriend was never going to play it safe or respect her wishes to stay off the bike.  Red flags appear to us for a reason, and we need to acknowledge them instead of avoiding them. 

Lessons Learned from Museum of Broken Relationships.  Written by: Akua HindsLessons Learned from the Museum of Broken Relationships.  Written by: Akua Hinds

 An Ending Is the Beginning of a New Beginning

Each person who donated their items and descriptions of their experiences to the museum had something in common; their endings were precursors to new beginnings.  Moving from one relationship or lifestyle to another is a transition, and sometimes, the only way to make a clean transition is to release things that represented the past.  Sharing pieces of your past with someone else can help you to move forward.  The individuals who donated to the museum are brave.  It is not always easy to release a painful memory, especially when it is done in a public setting.  However, giving away something that no longer serves you is a great way to make space in your mind and in your heart for what you will need going forward. 

We all have endings and beginnings to embrace.  When a breakup happens, it can be difficult to view it as a new beginning.  However, an ending truly is the beginning of something new that is about to take place.  Perhaps the new beginning will be a new relationship after a few months of healing your heart.  Or, maybe the new beginning will be a long-term season of singleness.  If life will teach you anything, it is that life is about change.  There will be changes taking place throughout your life whether you want to accept those changes or not.  None of your relationship experiences have been in vain; through sharing what you experienced in your relationship, you could be helping someone lese to get a better handle on what to do in their own relationship.


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